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Tent & Equipment Proofer

Tent & Equipment Proofer

1 x 750ml


High performing and easy to use spray on waterproofing treatment, designed to protect all tent and camping items from water leakage.
Over time, even the best performing outdoor items, will begin to lose their ability to repel water. Which is where Harper’s Tent & Equipment Proofer can help even in the wettest conditions, you will be protected.

• Does not affect the colour and appearance of the item.
• Suitable for all fabrics that have been previously treated with DWR.
• Suitable for all camping equipment including rucksacks.
• Coverage 1 x 750ml bottle = 6m2= Approximately 1 x small tent (2 man)

Washing Instructions

BSEN 4920: 2012 and BSEN 29865: 1993 approved.

Technical data sheet



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