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Technical Washing & Waterproofing

Easy to use wash in and spray on treatments for all weather items. Keeping your items, clean and fresh while protecting and renewing DWR coating and breathability.

Application Benefits

Technical clothing works best when the items are clean and fresh. With technical washing and waterproofing you can save the cost of replacing items you already own by prolonging the life of them. Using the correct detergents to clean clothing is critical as you want to lift dirt while maintaining DWR and breathability that protects you from being damp and cold. Shop our full range to be protected from all weathers for your next adventure.

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Camping & Tent Care

Waterproofing treatments designed to protect all tent and camping items from water damage and keeping you warm and dry in the wettest conditions. Come rain or shine.

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Equine & Pet Care

Wash in and spray on treatments to protect and renew animal & equine rugs, coats and beds for the best comfort and clean.

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Hygiene & Sanitiser

Personal protection keeping you safe, killing bacteria and germs.

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