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Rug Proof

Rug Proof



Harpers high performing and easy to use wash in Rug Proof, renews water repellent coating and revives breathability for all canvas, synthetic and cotton lined or unlined, horse rugs and blankets.

• Does not affect the colour and appearance of the item.
• Easy to apply – Washing Machine safe.
• 500ml for 1 Rug.
• For best results wash items with Harpers Rug Wash before proofing.
• Only effective on items manufactured with a DWR coating originally.

Machine and Hand washing instructions.

BSEN 4920: 2012 and BSEN 29865: 1993 approved.

**I received a sample of Washing detergent and re-proofer from Proton and was very keen to try it. I had been using two well-known brands for the last seven years with fair results, but I found it was working out quite expensive and often had to use more product to get the results I wanted.
Proton has changed everything!
**Testimonial From Laurie at LK equine laundry

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