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Can I machine wash my items?

Most items are machine washable with a low spin at 30/40 degrees. However Harpers always recommended you read the items care label for best results.

Is tumble drying items essential for products to work?

Tumble drying is not essential for products to work. However for best results on our Harpers Proofing range, we recommend using tumble drying. Please always check the care label of item.

Is pre-washing before reproofing essential?

Yes, we would always recommend pre-washing before reproofing. Any dirt or detergents could impact the proofer securely bonding with item to proof correctly. Therefore, pre-washing helps to remove any of this risk and gives you a clean item. Always follow the manufacturers instructions.

What coverage will I get from 1 x 750ml spray?

Coverage 1 x 750ml bottle = 6m2. (Approximately) covering 1 x small tent (2 man) OR 2 horse rugs.

Why does my item need to be breathable?

The more activity you are doing the hotter you will get. The more sweat you will produce this will eventually make you damp, which is not ideal in cold weather. Having a breathable item will mean this sweat will escape items before becoming damp, keeping your body temperature safe.

Why is it important to use the correct detergents and washing products?

Normal washing detergents and washing powders will remove dirt. However, this will also harm the original durable water repellency coating. Looking after your items is key so they can look after you correctly.

Tek Proof or Tek Proof Spray?

Where Tek Proof wash in application is possible we would recommend this is used. This will offer a consistent temperature & coverage while allowing for an easy application, with little manual intervention . Our spray allows for reproofing to be achieved on larger items that are not easily proofed in the washing machine.

Why do animals need waterproof coats and rugs?

Just like us humans, animals will get uncomfortable when in wet/damp conditions. If your animal's rug/coat is dirty it is more likely to soak up water. When fabrics absorb additional water the breathability of coats and rugs will be reduced. Therefore, it is important to keep their coats and rugs clean using the correct detergents so the durable water-repellent coating is maintained to guarantee the best comfort for your animals. Re-proofing your rugs and coats will optimise the performance of durable water repellency.

How to Wash Waterproof Coats and Clothing?

A cleaner designed for technical outerwear is recommended. Normal washing detergents and washing powders will remove dirt but will also harm the original durable water repellency coating. Looking after your items is key so they can look after you correctly. Using Harpers Tek Wash you simply: 1. Shake well before use. 2. Remove all non-washable parts. 3. Place item in washing machine (maximum 2 items in washing machine). 4. Remove traces of detergent from the dispenser before adding Tek Proof Wash in machine’s dispenser tray. 5. Apply 40ml (per item or per wash) Harpers Tek Wash in the machine's dispenser tray. 6. Wash according to care label, (ideally on low setting and slow spin.) 7. Drip-dry or tumble dry on a low setting if the care label allows.

Can I use Tek Wash and Tek Proof on my shoes?

Yes, they are suitable for shoes. However we always recommend to follow washing instructions for best results.

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Waterproofing treatments designed to protect all tent and camping items from water damage and keeping you warm and dry in the wettest conditions. Come rain or shine.

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Wash in and spray on treatments to protect and renew animal & equine rugs, coats and beds for the best comfort and clean.

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Hygiene & Sanitiser

Personal protection keeping you safe, killing bacteria and germs.

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Technical Washing & Waterproofing

Easy to use wash in and spray on treatments for all weather items. Keeping your items, clean and fresh while protecting and renewing DWR coating and breathability.

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